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Do you have some property to rent?

Roomie is the perfect partner for transforming it into an easy, safe and guaranteed income that is 30% higher than with ordinary management.


How works


Do you have an empty building or apartment?

If you are looking for a safe solution without problems, put your trust in Roomie, the professional operator that has only recently become part of the Italian Stock Exchange Elite project. We want to become your only tenant and will take care of your property and look after all aspects of its management for the whole duration of the rental period.


Only long-term contracts

Roomie stipulates a long-term rental contract that includes the authorisation to sublet; we update the property in question and renew the furnishings, looking after any necessary maintenance, activating the utilities and following all the bureaucratic procedures. No worries from the very first day.


Roomie, a worry-free formula

For the whole duration of the contract, Roomie will be the only reference point for you and the tenants. We will look for the tenants that best suit the characteristics of the property and the condominium, and stipulate subletting contracts with them. You don’t have to worry about anything.


Key in hand and zero risks

With Roomie you will never have any unpleasant surprises and you will always have full control of your property: payments will always be punctual and certain, and there will not be any unexpected situations or delays. Roomie will fill or empty your property, even handling any legal cases that may arise.

Why choose Roomie?

The safety of long-term contracts

You don’t have to look for tenants and worry about contracts or removing unlawful tenants from your property. Roomie stipulates a single long-term rental contract with you that includes authorisation to sublet. It manages your property independently, leaving you with the good part: an optimal return that is guaranteed and certain.

Plain sailing with a single representative

Roomie takes care of any and all rental problems for you: it looks after all aspects, from a joint evaluation of the property to its setting, together with research on and management of the tenants. Time is never wasted.

Adding value to your asset

At the end of the assignment, we will return a property with added value. From renovation to the most accurate and daily ordinary and special maintenance of all its parts, both shared and not. Management without problems and, above all, without any risks.

The certainty of a guaranteed, satisfying income

Are you sure that your property has been assessed as best as possible? Our team, which already manages 200 assets, knows how to increase its return by more than 30% in comparison with ordinary rental. With Roomie, rental is safe, punctual and constant for the whole duration of the contract. Guaranteed by deposit or surety.

8-year scenario

Do it yourself Roomie
Rental over 8 years 144.000 € 144.000
Unlet period -14.250 € 0
Intermediation -9.150 € 0
Renovation/tenant change costs -4.200 € 0
Management and bureaucracy costs -4.350 € 0
Insurance -1.800 € 0
Losses on delays -6.600 € 0
Total -40.350 € 0

-28 %

+28 %

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