Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, working together is success.

Henry Ford


Discover the partners that work with us to make your stay in Milan an enjoyable experience.


Winelivery is the first Italian portal for home delivery of quality alcoholic drinks. Winelivery delivers wine, craft beer or your favourite drink, which you will receive in under 30 minutes, at the right drinking temperature.

Nothing left to drink and your guests are on their way to your place? Or do you just feel like drinking a glass of good wine with your room-mates after a long day at work? Enter your personal Roomie discount code and get your € 5.00 discount every time you book online!


TripGim is a reliable portal that people can use to discover and book entry to the main wellness structures in the whole Milan area easily from their computer, smartphone or tablet.

Looking for a gym in your area? You can get a 10% discount on short periods and a 5% discount on medium-long periods just by inserting your personal Roomie code. Don’t wait, visit now.

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