Do you want to invest in real estate with us?

Our team is at your disposal to show you the advantages and expected returns, help you choose the best properties and obtain a 30% higher income than traditional rental.

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How works


Invest in buildings

Bricks are always the best investment: if the choice of property is correct, our management will help you make money immediately, without risks and with a constant return.


Purchase the property with the support of roomie

The Roomie team will accompany you through all the phases of your investment, supporting you from the first assessments to confirmation of purchase, taking an active part in any renovation that may be needed, and also in the turnkey rental management of the premises. Roomie is the perfect tenant: you will have a rental contract signed by us as full guarantee of your investment.


Why roomie?

We are young and determined. Our portfolio with more than 200 apartments and the quality of the Italian Stock Exchange Elite project - of which we are part - are our solid guarantees. Our team will be able to help you assess and purchase the property that is perfect for long-term rental.


Manage your property with us

It’s simple: you have the guarantee of transforming your investment into a safe return immediately. We rent your property and manage it following our model, which is consolidated and greatly appreciated by the market. For you, this becomes a worry-free formula with a 30% higher income than classic rental.


Qualified know-how

Roomie has contributed to innovating the co-living and rental market: it monitors the market, recognises the most interesting premises and selects the opportunities with the highest return. A sure hit.

Immediate return

Roomie guides you in the choice of the best investment solution and stipulates a rental contract with you for an immediate, guaranteed and safe income. No surprises.

A single reference partner

Roomie takes care of everything: partial or total renovation, furnishings, maintenance, management of utilities and tenants. Just one reference point for the whole duration of the contract.

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