About us

Roomie is a start-up created to meet a need we are all familiar with: how do you quickly find comfortable and safe accommodation in a big city during a study or work stay?

A house is no longer a life achievement, a status-symbol; instead, it has gradually become a shared space that is leaner and cheaper, and in step with the times.

Roomie is the solution to your needs: an online flat-sharing platform designed and created to provide users with the most comfortable and efficient housing solutions to meet any requirement.

We help thousands of students and workers to find the best "home away from home".

Roomie manages property units on behalf of their owners with a view to sharing accommodations, offering workers, interns, young professionals, university and post-graduate students medium and long-term rentals. For the duration of the contract, it is the reference point for tenants and owners alike, offering cleaning services, ordinary maintenance, fast and professional handling of exceptional interventions, relationships with apartment block administrators as well as between co-tenants.

Mission & Values

Roomie aims to grow into a trusted global brand for students and workers and become a symbol of high-quality and guaranteed services. Our goal is to facilitate the search for our clients and ensure a problem-free, periodical and safe return for the property owners.


For us, sharing means participating, communicating, supporting each other, but above all becoming part of a community.
Roomie's corporate culture is based on openness, sharing and mutual support. Our services are not limited to property management: our aim is to achieve the involvement of a community of people from different cultures and lifestyles that have one significant thing in common: they share the same space.

Changing the way young people live in cities
Roomie believes that living in a new city or a new house is a unique and memorable experience. That's why we decided to use an innovative approach to helping young people live better by sharing their experiences, their space and their ideas, both inside and outside the home.

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